Monday, 21 November 2011

The Car

©Andrew Bush
Many of the secondhand bookshops we have been in have very good photography sections.
We recently picked up Andrew Bush 's book Drive.  Shot between 1989 and 1997 around LA. Andrew created a rig which would allow him to shoot while driving at speed of between 50 to 70 MPH.
Here is an interview explaining his methods.
©Andrew Bush
©Andrew Bush
While trying to figure out how to photograph the street, one of the methods I have been employing is photographing people in their cars. It's one of the few methods I've found of creating portraits of people in the landscape . The light at this time of the year is perfect for this.
Ogden, Utah
Spokane, Washington


  1. A nice project with same habitat:

  2. It is a brilliant set of pictures which comments on so many aspects of life while showing so little. I especially like the significance given to the time of day, the location and the speed of the car being photographed, giving significance to the moment - both the moment the photograph was taken and the point in time and space the person occupied at that moment. Bush provides us with a sociological portrait of American culture. As a set it is way up there with Parrs photographs of travelling salesmen.