Sunday, 6 November 2011

They have all moved to the Mall.

While we were in New York, we made a visit to Aperture and came across the newly released book by Brian UlrichIs this great or what.

The book is a 10 year work looking at shopping malls,  thrift shops and shops that have closed down.
It's a really well realised project and well worth buying a copy.
Here is an Interview with Joerg Colberg on Conscientious Extended.

© Brian Ulrich
I only mention Brians work now, because by coincidence  Vanessa received an email from Stanley Wolukau-Wanambwa who edits the interesting website The Great Leap Sideways
 "I noticed George had mentioned the absence of people on the streets and downtown, and mention it only because I just interviewed Brian Ulrich about his Copia work for the forthcoming book and he said that he saw that work in a way as taking street photography indoors, because that was where the people had moved to. It casts his pictures in an interesting light I think, when you look at them in that fashion."
I couldn't agree more, the street in small towns and cities has difinately moved to the strip malls.
It's a fairly depressing sight to see. From town to town you see the same companies dominating. In a land that's supposed to promote competition, I think I have never seen such a narrow amount of choice. 
Downtowns have been designated historical centres, with a few independent shops, bars and galleries. But even these begin to take on a repetition. Thankfully the landscape that surrounds these towns is truly stunning, beautiful and keeps surprising us.


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