Thursday, 24 November 2011

Robert Adams

While we were in Denver we went  to see an exhibition of Robert Adams work, which by chance was on during our stop there.
I only fairly recently got to know/appreciate Adams work.....I guess in the past I'd been fairly dismissive of anything that smelled too much of landscape stupid I have been...
Anyway, a few months before leaving the UK I bought Adam's Summer Nights Walking, it's a beautiful small book.
So I was happy to find this exhibition on. As always it's a pleasure to be near the prints, and as I discover, to be near to where Adams lived and worked...I begin to understand more beyond the images on the page....
Adams, to me, is a bit of a spiritual man, and some of the small sentences he writes feel so pure in their origin...

"often there doesn't seem to be anything there, I feel foolish to have stopped, but small things can become important, a Lark or a Mailbox, or Sunflowers.
and if I wait I may see architecture - the road, the fields, the sky." RA
this one I also liked
"on the Prairies there is sometimes a quiet so absolute that it allows me to begin again, to love the future"
You can see more of Adams work and listen to him speak here , here, and here

installation Denver

all images © to Robert Adams

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  1. One of my favorite quotes from one of Adams' books, "The photographer hopes, in brief, to discover a tension so exact that it is peace."