Thursday, 20 October 2011

Giant Redwoods, Northern California

We have been staying in Eureka and Arcata these last 2 days and using it as a jumping off point for Vanessa to make some portraits of the gaint Redwood trees, the tallest living things in the world, some of them 2000 years old.

I hadn't imagined ever seeing trees so magnificent...the first time I saw them the light was fading, it somehow added to their mystery.
The thought of them standing there for so many years fills me with real joy, the kind of joy that makes me want to  touch them just for a second...vw


  1. I've been with Tiago at redwood's park , and is an awesome place.Photos are beautiful.I think Tiago as some great photos there too
    Margarida Miguéis

  2. 2011 was a rather memorable year in the redwoods for me too. But I head down every 6 weeks anyway.

    Cute shot with the camera slung over the shoulder. A new apprentice maybe.

    Ciao, M. D. Vaden