Thursday, 6 October 2011

Talk at California College of Arts

Today we did a presentation at the California College of Arts in Oakland and had an informal chat with the students.

Looking at Vanessa's Georgia book dummy.

We were invited by photographer, Jim Goldberg, a professor at the college and this years Deutsche Borse winner with Open See, a project he completed when he received the Henri Cartier Bresson award in 2007. You can see more of his images here and a Guardian review of Open See.
Also on the staff at the college is  Todd Hido,  a photographer Vanessa has had some email correspondence with these last 2 years. Todd is the author of a number of beautiful books. He also has a huge library of photobooks, which he has promised to show us, hopefully we will have time to see them.
©Todd Hido

©Jim Goldberg

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  1. Jim Goldberg is very interesting photographer definitely one of the most contemporary from magnum.... I have his picture with the lamp and the river hanging in my office! (A poster not the real one).