Sunday, 23 October 2011

Slow Start

This has got to be the slowest start I have made to a project.
I feel this is down to a number of factors.
The downtown areas of middle and small towns are so empty of people, people love their cars and everything is so spaced out. It seems like everything is based around driving from one shopping mall to another, drive through coffee, drive through food.  I knew this would be an important part of the project but it wasn't something I wanted to focus on early.
The continuous sunshine since we have been on the road limits me, it's not the kind of light I like to work in, although I will have to find it's secret because for sure I will encounter it often.
Also because of the size of the country, even by just focusing on the Western States, we are maybe trying to stop in too many places, without spending enough time in any. We will now limit the number of places we will stay in, so we can spend a little bit more time in each. 

Although I am not worried about any this, as there are many things to observe, absorb and understand, and slowly little seeds are coming to the fore.
Eugene, Oregon
Eugene, Oregon
Eureka, California


  1. Boy, do I know EXACTLY what you mean.

  2. George, I believe there more people on streets than in Ludza, Latvia?! Interesting to hear your ethnographic observations about American lifestyle and how it interacts with your project. I guess it's a big part to deal with all these obstacles and will be visable on photographs.