Sunday, 2 October 2011

Richard Renaldi

This morning we had brunch with Richard Renaldi.
Richard Renaldi at Home Cafe, West Village. NYC
Richard is not only a fine photographer but, along with his partner, Seth Boyd, runs a small independent publishing house, Charles Lane Press.
The quality of their books are stunning, real attention to detail, with some of the nicest hard covers and dust covers we have seen for a long time.
Check out Richards book Fall River Boys
Fall River Boys by Richard Renaldi

Also 2 newly released books
Chinese Sentiment by Shen Wei and  Interior Relations by Ian van Coller.
We will be meeting Ian when we get to Montana.

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  1. Hi there ! Thanks for sharing about this books editor, very beautiful objects it seems. Long Live Charles Lane Press !

    For how long are you gone on this US trip ? Drum Bun anyway !

    Johann Rousselot