Wednesday, 5 October 2011


We arrived in San Francisco on the 4th and are staying with a friend from our days in Turkey, the photographer, David Gross and his partner Mieke Strand. David is not only a photographer but also the designer of our websites. He has now developed and designed a program for making iPad books and is currently working on one with Ed Kashi.
David and Mieke
Just before we left London, my laptop broke. I ordered a new one to arrive at Mieke's place. David is getting it into shape for me.
Mieke has recently changed careers to become a photographer, and has been a really generous host. Also she is originally from Minnesota, where much of Fargo by the Coen brothers was shot. Every now and again she slips into that accent, which is the main reason we will eventually go there. If you haven't seen the film, you must.

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  1. Thanks for the suggestion to see this movie.
    Really crazy to watch this before sleep. :)