Monday, 31 October 2011

Homage to Robert Frank

It's impossible to do a road trip project on the US without Robert Frank being in our thoughts. The Americans has played an important role as part of our photographic education, and continues to be the yardstick for the photography book.
In Eureka, we managed to pickup an original copy of New York to Nova Scotia,  the timely aspect of seeing the book and it's relevance to us now,  is very fitting.
The book is mostly letters and essays through Franks career and is a perfect companion. His images are already in our minds, and in many ways we are paying visual homage to a man who defined the medium of the photography book to speak about a Nation

Here's an interview Frank did with  Sean O' Hagan in the  Guardian  2004

Robert Frank


  1. Like this pair of photos very much. The car now has seemed to out grow the cover, time for XXXL.

  2. Or Marcelo Isarrualde...